Privacy Policy

By using this Site, you consent to our Privacy Policy set out below. All terms not defined in this document have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use Agreement between you and Hallasouq, which by use of this Site you agree to accept.


The Information We Collect

Registration Information: At the time of registration, you will be asked to complete and submit a form which requires you to provide information such as your name, address, phone/fax number, email address and other personal information as well as information about your business.

Publishing Information: If you submit any information or details to Hallasouq to be published on the Site, including but not limited to Company Profile, Product Catalogue and any discussion forum, then you are deemed to have given consent to the publication of such information.

Payment Information: If you use a credit account to purchase a product or service from Hallasouq or a vendor available through Hallasouq, we may collect additional information, including billing information, credit card numbers and expiration dates.

Statistical Information: In addition, we gather aggregate statistical information about our Site and Users, such as IP addresses, browser software, operating system, pages viewed, number of sessions, unique visitors etc.

Collected Information: Publishing Information, Payment Information, Statistical Information and any information we may collect from you through the use of cookies (see Section 5 below), or any other means, shall collectively be referred to as "Collected Information".


How We May Use Information

General: We use your Collected Information to customize our Site's content, layout and service for you and improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to analyse our site usage, to improve the overall usage.

We may use your Collected Information to service investigate problems, resolve disputes regarding orders/sales or published information. We do not sell, rent, trade or exchange any personally identifying information of our Users. We may share certain aggregate information based on analysis of Collected Information with our partners, customers and advertisers.

We may use your Collected Information for marketing campaigns and promotions on behalf of third parties; however, your Collected Information is not disclosed unless you respond to the marketing or promotion exercise.

Registration Information: We may use your Registration Information to provide services that you request or to contact you regarding additional services from Hallasouq Specifically, we may use your email address, mailing address, phone number or fax number to contact you regarding notices, surveys, product alerts, new service or product offerings and communications relevant to your use of our Site. We may generate reports based on the Registration Information for internal analysis, monitoring and marketing decisions.

Publishing Information: All of your Publishing Information will be publicly available on the Site and therefore accessible by any Internet user. Any Publishing Information that you disclose to Hallasouq becomes public information and you relinquish any proprietary rights (including but not limited to the rights of confidentiality and copyrights) in such information. You should exercise caution when deciding to include personal or proprietary information in the Publishing Information that you submit to us.

Payment Information: Hallasouq will share your Payment Information with banks or vendors relevant to the transaction in order to enable transactions to be completed. In addition, Hallasouq may use Payment Information to determine your credit-worthiness and, in the process of such determination, Hallasouq may make such Payment Information available to banks or credit agencies. Any credit card information that you provide through the Site is directly submitted to a payment server of the credit card processing bank. Hallasouq does not maintain electronic or physical copies of your credit card information. While Hallasouq has in place latest technology and internal procedures to guard your Payment Information against intruders, there is no guarantee that such technology or procedure can eliminate all of the risks of theft, loss or misuse. Hallasouq shall not be liable to you or any other person for any damages that might result from unauthorized use, publication, disclosure or any other misuse of Payment Information, including credit card information.

Statistical Information: We use Statistical Information to help diagnose problems with and maintain our computer servers, to manage our Site, and to enhance our Site and services based on the usage pattern data we receive. We may generate reports and analysis based on the Statistical Information for internal analysis, monitoring and marketing decisions. We may provide Statistical Information to third parties, but when we do so, we do not provide personally identifying information without your permission.


Your feedback

Hallasouq welcomes your continuous input regarding our Privacy Policy or our services provided to you. You may send us your comments and responses to